Feb. 26th, 2011

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  • The @RoyalArchivist Kickstarter has been successful! Thank you so much to everyone who donated! http://kck.st/hm7zUB
  • And since it's #FF, here's some blatant self-promotion: please follow my #startup company's twitter! @RoyalArchivist
  • Since I'm on the subject, here's some other male writers I love who are proud feminists too #FF: @ruckawriter @jimchines
  • RT @hitRECordJoe: Congress threatening to stop Planned Parenthood. Scary to me. So I signed PP's petition, least I could do. http://bit. ...
  • So, @ruckawriter, are you going to have time to sign at @GeekGirlCon? We've gotten some Checkmate and Batwoman since you signed the WW run.
  • The more I #edit the #writing of others, the more inept I become at all other forms of communication. It is a a problem.
  • @shadawyn It's more like I'm already dumb and now you're striking me.
  • Pretty sure this lemon tree is trying to kill you: http://bit.ly/g7JtLL
  • @ruckawriter Awesome.
  • Co-worker asked me if I was a vegetarian while I was in the act of eating ribs. #vconfused
  • "Good eye! Yes, these are the ribs of the elusive meat-cabbage." #meatcabbage!

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